The Lotus History - and practice introduce

This practice is being reviewed ... but the essence of the practice will be maintained, as well as continue doing here.

Sadhana or meditation practice sacred Lotus
by Gabriela Irigaray Pereira Leite (Lotus Seed - Ya Soha)

The Sacred Lotus
The path of compassion for the enlightened state and perfect

Copyright © 2011 by Gabriela Irigaray


First, introductions. My name is Gabriela, a person like you who go to the mall, walking on the street and also enjoy nature. Since childhood, he had a will inside the heart. A will that was considered unusual, but I found to be common to many more people than you think: be divine, so a being made of love.

Gradually, the company was showing me things that were not there, but she credited as limitations, faults and at the time that death was final, with the cardiac arrest. Yes, scientific fact, indisputable, until they discover that, while the brain works, there is hope. 

Sought to study many religions since childhood, loved it. Lia Cinderella along with the Bible, and bought my first Bhaghavad Gita to 12 years - for me, it was a storybook. I started with Buddhism Vajra Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche in 1998. And one morning in 2001 I met Kuan Yin, the face of the Great Mother, worshiped by Chinese, Cambodian and Japanese, by herself.

She just appeared. He taught me a healing technique to exchange the divine service (not that they need) for my suffering. Today I know that was not a blessing, a result of a request I made, nor a privilege, but a continuation of a work of millennia, which promised to work tirelessly for the liberation of beings from the wheel of illusion and suffering (Vote of Bodhichitta ).

 Since childhood, felt the pains of others and that came from my own illusions, and that made life very difficult. Created Catholic and still devoted to Our Lady, who asked me this would release the pain and to help me this work. Just feel did not help people, and I lived suffering. There, signed in the soul again my vow of bodhichitta, without even knowing what it was. And as Our Lady's response, years later appeared in front of Kuan Yin. Please do not understand this as a privilege, but as a service. I am happy, happy to serve and also set me free from pain. I should have shared this with the world before, but my illusions of fear were many, and everything has a time. Now if we did order, and will be with you all the way.

What is Lotus? Why meditate? Why follow a practice or a deity? What is the difference between meditation and prayer? What is my goal with all this? These are common questions of western fan. I myself went through them, then it is here that we begin our work together.

Why seek enlightenment? Simple: best walk with eyes to see, hearts set to feel and perceive everything, feet to walk, mind and soul to learn to fly. Enlightenment is not a goal, but a prerequisite for the good life. Another important fact, that I realized in my students, which is now lit up in many other lives, and to continue the work we have set out to do, they need to remember who they are.

 Many reincarnated spirits of light in the west without the culture of enlightenment. Thus, they have, in addition to his service to the divine, itself seeking memories and tools to do so. Which is good, because new ways of seeing the lessons and new people will be "caught".

So what is the Lotus? The Lotus is a dharma, one of the many ways that exist to exit the illusion that creates suffering and find the light. A light and simple as possible, a state of permanent happiness, many people have achieved. All the roads of all yogas and religions can lead you to it, your choice. The Lotus has as key learn to love, to live love, feel and be so immersed in it that we find perfection in all things.
Why meditate? Why is it that we find within us all, but it does not seem clear to people, and the meditations help us in this part. Moreover, when we are not used, even doing exercises in a gym seems difficult. Until that is part of us, just doing day after day the same meditation is that we have the health to live their largesse automatically.

 In my house, we make a good yoga west: pray the rosary of Our Lady. Yes, yoga is a Catholic. My great-grandmother was oras immersed in it. And my grandmother and mother, and I also do it with faith.
Why follow a deity? Know that the light source is for all, but it's easier for us to come to it bringing it to a figure next to us. So if the mother she will love the way, if Jesus, Buddha or they will be, and if you can connect direct to a source without form, even better. Learn the truth is universal, and that is what makes her a true: it is within everything. If something changes from one location to another, then it is belief, culture or human law. The truth is immutable, and can be seen permeating all races and nations.

 This meditation Lotus has its basis in sadhana Red Tara, short, His Eminence Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, who is a Westernized version and summarized the long sadhana Tara Apong Terton Lama of the Nyingma lineage. This was my daily practice, and which was initiated by the beloved master Tulku Chagdud.

            The Great Mother, the sacred feminine, Drolma, the Goddess manifests as either, his power is the original energy of the universe and, being a mother, never missing their children. If you do meditation or Lotus Tara, is not abusing the power of God the Father In essence, the deity is one energy that manifests the form with which you can reach those who need to evolve.

 So Kuan Yin Lotus and brought their language, so that we understand the sacred teachings.

            This is a simple meditation, but of great power. Throughout our many incarnations and now in the modern world, with pollution of all kinds, our aura, which is made of plasma, is obscured, winning several layers of stains, miasmas and "cream" dark that prevent us from seeing life as it is, to feel and perceive things as they are and, even more, attract, and live vibrate with light and happiness. According to Master Chagdud Tulku, the sadhana of Tara, short "... obscurations become denser. This causes continuous oscillations between attachment and aversion, hope and fear. The state of imbalance raises emotions venous ignorance, anger, attachment, pride and envy, which, in turn, manifest as external obstacles, such as disease, war, famine and an infinite variety of circumstances negative karmic " . 
Today, the vast literature of self-help and physics come show us clearly that this phenomenon of our feelings, emotions and thoughts that cause is what we attract, from bliss to accidents and problems. If we are sorry for ourselves, we attract who and what make us ill. Held hurts can generate from kidney problems to situations that feed more sorrows. So what you are and the energy you emit is what will be attracted into your life.

            This practice is intended, first, to clean these dirty energy dense and that "obscure" our body. Master also said that our body is a gift, because only he can live with this plan and evolve, so we must take care of himself and his energies. The yogic gurus also say that when the vessel is ready, the spirit awakens, or when your body with chakras and layers, is clean and "tuned" as a tool, as an avatar, then your Divine Self can manifest itself by complete and it is permanent happiness.

            Only the daily repetition keeps us in the right state of light. From time to time, I recommend cleaning, re-energizing and healing retreats for groups and Lotus. But if you have to pick a day to practice, prefer the Sunday morning and the crescent moon or full. In the waning emphasis is more auspicious cleansing and fasting.

            Know that this sadhana is something sacred, which has its own energy. So, keep it in a silk scarf or bag and in front of Kuan Yin on your altar or in a drawer, but never let the shot or feel about it.

            The mindset to practice Lotus is passive, receptive as being in the waiting room for some compromise. Invoke and pray, chant mantras, resonating with uniformity, and our mind stands in waiting for the light. No control, no view and not stick to a vision, just be free to observe. Control is an illusion.

            By now start your practice, make it possible to deliver the most: the delivery is the first step towards divinity. You can be happy all the time - it is a universal truth!

Gabriela Leite Pereira Irigaray
Lotus Seed
October 2011



This is the first edition. It's been 10 years since I received the legacy of the Lotus. Even so, I still feel some fears and conflicts. I count it so you know I'm like you. At that time, my life changed completely, down to much density and suffering. When I turned away and tried to deny my mission, I lived things that most people would not dream possible, and got the message: he should get back on track. Already hit some steps in this practice, and I am witness to the state of permanent happiness exists, even in the midst of urban chaos or before an accident or disaster.

The first lines of the Lotus came up with the book of healing practice in 2002. The new book of 2011 generated a more orderly healing yoga and a more evolved group of practitioners. Thus, it became evident that the Lotus is not only a technique like Reiki, but a path. A way for us to find the way home, I Ask our, our true, as they say in Seicho-No-Ie.
To perform this practice, just you. For the higher stages of meditation, it requires the initiation Lotus, given by me or one of my students / teachers.

We recommend that you form groups or sanghas Lotus. As Jesus and Buddha would say, when more than one person gathers to pray and meditate, the deity is present with certainty. And add: I have been able to testify that the places where they occur the practices become sacred, magnetized, divine, is the apartment of a friend or the garage of a house. These sacred places radiate light, protection, peace and blessings. And, as the lotus is pure love and compassion, this is the energy that goes to reign everywhere, all over the neighborhood, and even more.

Many students ask me if they can "call" in times they need. Earlier, it bore me serious health problems because he was not prepared for this. Now, you may say, yes, but the truth is: "Beloved Mother Kuan Yin, dear Divine Presence of the Master Gabby and my Divine Presence, succor, solucionai, protect, etc. ..." The real power is always in your Divine Self .
The Lotus is a seed that must be cared for, watered and lit, that grow inside you. It is the basis of enlightened path. The real work, the blossoming of the Lotus, comes after enlightenment. After that, we started the evolutionary path and consciously work to rescue other people from within the illusion. This redemption is not never done with fanaticism, and speech or obligation, but as an example, with prayer, and understanding that the other can choose another path to your light. Its only function is to generate the energy field so that the person to light. Yes, you can really help someone with their prayers and Lotus and the person seeking the light through music, being a priest, a pastor or just a housewife. Many women in India are holy mothers and housewives elaborate and too many men are. Taking care of the family, is that nature has this family, is an act of love. Please never use my teaching in a limited or "literally". There rigorism in Lotus.

Now, put some instructions to help you in your meditation.
The altar of the Lotus. One can make the practice anywhere, even lying with closed eyes before sleeping or waking, but prefer the best. Make an altar (reference point) for Lotus containing an image of Kuan Yin (reference no idolatry), which may be a frame on a wall or statue, a picture of your (a) master (a) an image of Lotus and its (in the Lotus, worship the divine that is within ourselves). If you want to put pictures of people who want to help (why I say to use the image as a reference to see a photo of someone and remember. Screenshots are portals through which the energy passes, people who practice Reiki and dowsing know well value addition).

 Put him a white towel (if a shelf, can be a rendinha white and Brazilian), a vase for flowers, a pot with rice cooked with honey (changed every two days, when using, need not always be there ), a cup or bowl with water, your mala or rosary, his sadhana or meditation book and a door incense. For those who like candles, a candlestick base that allows water to be safe. For Lotus, Lotus use incense, white rose, honey, lavender or violet. The water can be drunk from the altar, used to cleanse and bless the house or person, to plants. If using a water to pull harmful energies from the house, so it should be with salt beneath the altar, and not about him.
Meditation position. Sit in a chair or a cushion under your tailbone and legs in lotus or half lotus. Who likes can kneel, as the prayers of Shinsokan Seicho-No-Ie. There should never be anything in the Lotus suffering because it is exactly the goal of this extinction. If possible, stand facing the altar, in a serene and without interference. Once, I wondered why grown in a place where silence and not interference did not exist, and was the master Chagdud Tulku replied that, in one of his lectures. He said it was very easy to get meditating in silence and with every comfort in a monastery, but good practitioner would achieve the same state of emptiness amid the chaos to modern and urban. It took me some years to understand it all, but now I know that when our practice is diligently and effectively, we can make it even running on a treadmill with aerobics classes on the side.

About the dedication. Do not practice with discipline and routine, but with love. When we love something too, something not forget this, even more, seek more and more that something. The practice of the Lotus has to be, cause for great joy, mirth and pleasure, and for that, you have to dance and sing for her, then do it. Dedicate your practice always to your Divine Self take care of your avatar and you enlighten, achieving happiness and freeing up the illusion. Then, take to heal and help those who want (can be as many people and places you want, but if you have someone special, take her a bag around - a necklace of 108 beads used to know how many mantras we did). And always dedicate to release all sentient beings (they feel and there) and harmony on planet Earth.

Mantras are sounds that hold the power to reprogram the fluid and channels that comprise being. Generate waves, and often contain words dictate ancient sacred that speak to the soul. Should preferably be sung in harmony and with an audible voice; differs only pronounce them. If not, just mentalize that sings. Important to know that the power of mantra is the vibration that generates the wave and its effects on their physical and subtle bodies, so sing out loud is best.
Right amount of mantras. The Master Chagdud Tulku guided us in millions of mantras. At the beginning, we always absurd, but if 108 per count back and think that will ever make, so millions are nothing. The important thing is to feel the vibration of the mantra resonate. This, in itself, already put their body in a certain pitch to illumination.

Mudras are hand positions that also alter our consciousness and give commands to our auric field. In Lotus, the positions are with palms touching and fingers upward in prayer, calling on Japan Gassho. We put her hands to her chest. To invoke the Lotus, make a shell with both hands, palms to the heavens in receiving position. And, during the turn of the bag, only the handle with one or two hands. If one, the other will rest on the knee.

Yantra is a figure that represents a syllable, or symbol of the deity, and for us is the Sri, but not included in this basic sadhana, in which the focus should be the deity itself.
Taking refuge. When a Buddhist speaks of taking refuge or a Christian speaks of devotion, we're talking to whoever you run when things do not go well. For his father, his mother, to a saint, to Jesus, to Buddha or Tara? At Lotus, we took refuge, love and dedicated to the Great Mother, after all, who never went to his mother's skirt or for his wise guidance at a time of distress, or simply to gain lap? Here, we do not abdicate the father, just ran to her mother. In handing lovingly guide your safe. If you miss a masculine energy, so just call Kuan Yin for her face Japanese, Kannon, who is male, or Mr. Shiva, manifested in very practical Lotus.
Bodhichitta vow is a vow to help all beings suffering. I've seen many people do it rhetorically, but this vote is very serious, affecting many incarnations. So think and see what your heart wants before promising reincarnate until all beings the illusion leaving her. If you want to know the value of it, do a session of past life regression and find out if you have not already in another life. Some of my students and I have done. This is a vote of compassionate love and real, and only realize it must be done. So, I ask my students only after they are in advanced stage of feeling this love of total surrender is to do the voting.

Prayer by their teachers and professors. So ignorant, I took some time to understand why to pray for happiness, safety and health of a teacher or priest. Today, getting a guide the evolution of many, I know, the more they love, protect and send you light, you walk, and everyone ends up evolving together. And there's also the issue that when a person guided, negative energies and beings of illusions tend to try to "attack" the guide, and many are in each student. So try to imagine: if the master gets weak, it all comes at once. Possible question: but if a teacher is, why does not protect the Divinity? Protects, and sorry, but this still has a body that is vibrating below the level of divinity for any reason, is totally exposed. Therefore, while in the incarnation and after this, it is still vulnerable. It takes a lot of humility to take it. Our students tend to idealize us, to put us in their illusions and dreams. View a master sick or flawed brings uncertainty for those who are not firm. It reminds us that we fail and suffer. The diligent practitioner, instead, when you see your teacher sick with love understands that this is how he gets closer and further from your guide, helping you fondly for that then return to the mission or go to the plane of light with peace and serenity.

Helping disembodied. For this part redoubled protection because some still have much attachment. But fear not, and stop thinking about ghosts. Understand that people are, confused, lonely and lost. The more prayer and light, become aware, and more light up. Think: the more people in the light, the better, both for them and for you. It is an unimaginable blessing to have a family of enlightened. Both the Catholic religion as Buddhism, the period of prayer for someone who is 49 days left. At Lotus, is one year, and about their ancestors, is forever. As I said, not everyone outweigh the hardships of post-death in the early days. When you meditate and pray for ancestors? On Saturday, with many flowers on your altar. Take your meditation and prayers for the receiving, with fluidic water and light. Ask the rise and lighting them and if you want, make a round bag (108) for someone in particular. Even a terrible person who is gone is important, if only to show us how not to act.

During purification, which is 108 days, and can be more if this period does not get to feel light and lightness that Kuan Yin puts us in a permanent state, avoid red meat, and alcoholic beverages and / or non-color white or transparent. It is best to drink only water. Take lemon juice or aloe vera in the morning fasting, and after 15 min, take their morning meal. This really helps in purification. Lotus enthusiasts do not smoke anything, and it summarizes a lot. If you want to do meditation to quit an addiction can do but go with the aura clean for collective practices. Understand that, for more than mantre vibrate and if you smoke, smoke obscures the aura internal and external body. The body is the basis of the soul, if you do something that will hurt him defiling every chance they got to evolve and illuminate.
Words. Words have power. So, when you start the Lotus, watch what he thinks and speaks, because the more refined it is, the more power will light. Words dense to hurt or curse, can generate major disruptions, whether spoken or mentalizadas.
Guardians and Protectors. They are beings of light working in vibrational bands of all levels to very dense. If it were not so, you could not defend trevosas of beings and energies - not until it reaches a high degree of light so that it becomes inaccessible to them, but this is well beyond a stage of enlightenment. They protect us, and we also derive from the denser energies and undesirable accompaniments. Some are police, soldiers, warriors and bodyguards disembodied, others are angels and archangels, others are deities and Buddhas. Respect them and love them. Are you with a duty to the light and love.

Angels are divine creatures and as the lotus is connected to the Universal White Fraternity, angels are part of both the healing meditations as Lotus.

What should I see and feel with practice? Love above all. Ask questions, but do not comment their spiritual experiences with anyone, not its master. It was also the Master Chagdud Tulku who taught me that. The reason is that each has a walk of thousands of lives, and sometimes, someone can with a single invocation whatever else it takes a lifetime. The experiences are so personal that if narrated, can cause discomfort, disbelief, jealousy and unnecessary energies to their own way. I've had students who are no longer part of healing groups with comments like this: "what am I going to do there, and if I do not feel or see anything, and yes they?"

 Poor that! With great humility and free from pride, we know exactly what we have that we can deal with in every moment, and we are equally important with what we have. In my opinion, the most important person of a temple is the one that cleans as well as people from cleaning hospitals, nothing would work without them. Lest you be without reference to expect from Lotus, with constant practice and after some time, which varies greatly and can be long or just once, surely you will reach a state of serenity, loving, happiness, recognition of light and divinity personal illumination and lightness. But do not get stuck in it only because the blessings are limitless.
In Kardecism, there is much talk of internal reform. The Lotus is one of the ways of internal reform. I welcome that a follower of spiritualism, being that line is, practice your way without leaving Lotus spirit. In one, learn to be: tuneful, romantic and light, in the other, the charity will live and learn to be "medium", a mediator between worlds. As Kardec and many other scholars, we know that knowledge is not confined to a single opinion, nor a single book.
The breath during meditation is the 4-stroke, except when chanting mantras. Inhale deeply and slowly opening the diaphragm, hold your breath for 3 seconds, release the air through your mouth, and then hold for 3 seconds.


The offering is a delight, a way of tuning. Kuan Yin exchanges does not need anything. She is everything, creates everything, and nothing is the same time. Also the deity uses the substance of the offering to shape some things to work rolling. If you do not feel good with offerings, do not, things will work the same way. Some mentors use energy sutilizada of offerings based on shape for anything you need.

Practice periods. On average, have four periods of 108 days. And then continue forever, like bathing and breakfast. I have missed a number of times, in various yogas, saw fans lose their "conditioning", getting flabby and sick, stop by and do not return to your meditation. Indeed, the spiritual path is like a gym: it has tremendous gains in attendance and inclusion in daily habits, and major losses with abandon. You can change the shape or path you've chosen, not only advise you stop exercising your light. In the first period, you order at the opening of sadhana, that Mother cleanse you from all defilements, karma, miasma, pains, feelings and sufferings which he lives, and has produced over all your stocks.

 Even though the purification integral part, this entire period is devoted to practice it. If strange things happen in your life at this time, know that is purification. Drink plenty of water. In the second period, you will ask your mother to show you I AM divine. Each has his I mother, father, football guy, friend, wife, etc.. This is your Divine Self and the true self within all these selves. Ask to dream, your friends intuírem. Everything is valid for sure how it is and the sensations of having a Divine Self. When you have an idea, then start over their day to talk to him. Feed it, or eat what he wants to eat, order what he wants to wear, say what he wants you to talk, and how it helps those who want to help. Gradually, he will gain strength and light. In the third period, take your meditation to be totally your I AM, to anchor it permanently on you. Thus, you will be divine, because all we are. With Lotus you will know how to be. It's a build that in essence who already lives. In the fourth period, devote yourself to deconstruct every error that created, and let your I AM build a better world. After that, your meditation is free to their goals, beyond the goal that must be present in all: its lighting and exit the wheel of illusion.

The Lotus came to be easy, simple, and above all, to make you happy. How about starting now? Much love and light to you! We'll be together all the way.


Lotus Seed
October 2011.


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