The Divine in their day to day

Learning to speak and live with divinity awakens in you!

Divinity in Your Life

No matter what his or her name, only that it is a living being of total magnitude. So immense that it is capable of creating worlds and be inside you.

As the author of the Book: Eat, pray and love, I prefer to call this wonderful being of God. But you can call the Great Mother Kwan Yin and even, for some people attribute this energy to it, and in fact it is a major manifestation of Being Great.

Many years ago I started talking to God. And today it is clear that many people do it.
Start your dialogue with divinity the way you want, find it necessary to prayer or ceremony is pure myth. Be Great is to be above everything, including rituals. The rituals are good for us that we need climate, as to date, for example.

A simple hi, is enough.

Divinity is in you, you also are yourself in your purest self, free of creation that had, dna and neurotic. You will not be Jesus, when waking consciousness, you yourself will be equal, but full of peace and light. This is also your peace. So there are people who live alone dancing and listening to other Rock.

Let the divinity part of his life as someone who lives 24 hours in you. Since the choice of his clothes until a conversation babada of toothpaste while brushing with this mouth.

The presence of this feeling when SHE wants to show (it has to do with merit, but it will only). Is that everything is in their right place, everything is the will of her and everything is perfect and you are very safe. "It's all right!" This is the message.

Your voice may come as a thought or as something out of it, depends on the capacity you have to tune.

Some students complain to me that sometimes some deity. The coincidence is that is se4mpre at times when they are feeling sorry for themselves or lazy.
Divinity is not some you coming out of tune. To return just calm down and breathe until he spoke again. It may take a while but the back line.

Focus. Focus helps a lot, focus on that? In Divinity alas! If you need an image has many, all light beings of the world's beliefs. Anyone serving. I like Kwan Yin, Seraphis Bey and Krishna. Sometimes I prefer to focus on a feeling: love, wisdom, harmony. Or feeling: to feel satisfied, at peace. Or focus on light, lots of light. Inside and outside of me.

Have faith in this deity, a lot. That is, have faith in yourself. Missed all until now, know that hitting is a habit, then stop the addiction of making mistakes and let yourself be guided by this voice to hit, even if it "miss" in the beginning. This error is actually difficult to receive your information. That seemed wrong at the time but then was right. As late for a plane, because the voice commanded you walk into a store and you lost time. After discovers that this plane crashed.

That's it! Now start your conversation with the love alive, light or whatever you want to call!

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