The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening

             To all and to the path of Lotus, master the art of listening is very important.

           Listening involves focus, empty mind, serenity and ego worked as respect, learn, without questioning the speaker. We leave it to after the party concludes his speech. It is wrong to think that doing so would leave aside the question and become ignorant and gullible. Far from it. Just humbly recognize that everyone has something to teach us. Then we reason about. Separating what serves us or not. If something is in order consciously and then we focused our opinion. Listen before everything is yoga.

                   I always had difficulty hearing due to lack of attention on the here and now, because I communicate easily with other octaves dimensional and staying here is a constant exercise. After much meditation about the nature of the request, which is the key link to tune with divinity in whatever manifestation is, the angel of Buddha, I realized that we can and should ask for everything, anything. So I asked for listening. In two days I had a very strong inflammation in both ears, which ended only after my partner suggested I put two crystals one in each ear and called the blue ray (El Morya and Miguel). Initially puzzled by the fact that the radius of the divine will and not the green of healing. Then I realized I needed to clean my ears from everything I've heard from dense lifelong. After 4 days with inflammation, it disappeared within 10 minutes.

                 To this day, I have delighted me with what people tell me. Being something that vibrates high or low. I observe with the mind clears the way they see the world and from within their illusions or not. I learn from them all. My friends are still wondering at the fact that a traditional chatters have stayed quiet. But I confess that I am passionate about listening. It's wonderful to see the whole magic of words or sounds. Yes, this was also reflected on what I say, but this review is for another text.
Listen to people as if meditating, enjoying all that the universe has to offer. If you can not ask your guides and mentors, dedicate your practice to learn the Lotus.

With love

Ya Soha.

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