Lotus Meditation for healing jealousy

Lotus Meditation for healing jealousy

The Jealousy and meditation

Jealousy The first and foremost is a mere reaction. The insecurity and fear (delusions) are emotions that cause. This is due to a mental programming of memory loss or a loss. Children of all who are unfaithful, who has ever lost someone, obsessive compulsive and fearful people are more prone to jealousy.

The department's unique Jealousy is jealous that should get your cure this habit that only brings pain and problems, if your partner really gives it the edge for being flamboyant or may not be involved then so too must be honest with ourselves and just let the relationship, no one "makes" another person like himself and the result of insistence is a mediocre relationship and suffered.

At Lotus we should always choose the larger of our sufferings to meditate until he finde and jealousy you sick and takes away the joy of union then the practice is as follows:

Take the practice principal of Lotus Kwan Yin asking that you heal the whole insecurity, fear, uncertainty, low self esteem and jealousy itself.

In the purification, invoking Saint Germain Shiva and calling for the release of this total emotional poison.

In NA-MO mantras do SHUI Yueh KUAN YIN 108x or more). Invoking the Moon Kwan Yin and Water, to heal your emotions completely. It is a balm. You can call this the Great Mother lunar face every time you feel bad about jealousy, it helps in time.

Always observe your emotions calmly, without strict vigil, forgive yourself. When starting to feel jealousy, get your thinking of others and focus on the best that is in you. Distract your mind with something. For it is not your stuffy attitude that will make your partner stay with you.

Buddha For all things are impermanent and should meditate about it. Building a healthy relationship yes, not obsessed.

The not attached to anything, anyone and any habit is the key to everything. That is, to love and experience love, but without relying.

That this exercise will assist the much better live and love fully!

Love Ya Soha

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