The Lotus and the impermanence

The Lord Buddha said that nothing is permanent. Noting that everything is constantly changing, he's right. So had clung anything until we're in now is foolish, because tomorrow we will not be more. So are the creators image of God, which is also creating ever changing.
When meditating on impermanence of things, I was in dilemma build to last and last in truth nothing. The answer came in a clear vision of a modernized building that is keeping the old facade.
Applying the relationships that we create them and reinvent them according to our own mutation. The only things that stunt the natural mutation is fear and attachment, but either way they also make things different ... for the worse.
To not have suffering in this life, enjoy! Make a habit of playing to create, enjoy yourself and do not cling to your self of yesterday. Start with small things like stop doing something or change the habitual reaction to something. Choose a day to change something and then increase. Your life will become lighter and more cheerful.
To assist in the detachment invoke the violet light of Kwan Yin and ask to live fully free!

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