AMATERASU - The sun manifestation of the Great Mother and practices

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"Amaterasu (天 照), also known as Amaterasu-Oho-No-Kami (天 照 大 神), whose name means" Great Goddess Augusta that illuminates the sky ", is the Sun Goddess, divinity Japanese candle on men and fills them with benefits. born left eye of Izanagi (伊 邪 那 岐) and dominates the Shinto pantheon, appearing in a number of personifications of natural forces.'s shown wielding a solar disk.
"Amaterasu lived in a cave in the company of her maids, they wove a kimono color daily time. Everyday morning, she went to light the earth. Till the day that his brother, Susanoo, god of the ocean threw a flayed horse on the looms of weavers created. Frightened, they ran at him, and one of them died, bored with their sex on their own hook. Goddess Amaterasu did not appreciate the joke. Angry, retreated into his cave and the light disappeared. And the panic was sown up in the sky, where they lived the gods and goddesses, which like humans, also did not see anything. They got together and came up with a ploy. asked to Uzume, goddess of the funniest, the distracted before the cave closed that Amaterasu was sulking. Uzume did not use terms means: raising the skirt, began to dance provocatively, showing their private parts with faces irresistible. was so much fun that the gods burst out laughing ... Curious, Amaterasu could not stand : cracked the stone that closed the cave, and the gods will spread a mirror where she saw a splendid woman. surprise, she said. then the gods grabbed her and Amaterasu out of her cave forever. The world was saved. "

For some Japanese Amaterasu and Izume are the essence of Kannon or Kwan Yin, the form would light of divinity. According to the Lotus Sutra of the Heart, the bodsatvas manifest as they want, so the spirit of the sun, of light, it would be a demonstration and for Christians God is in everything, so Dheva solar would also be a divine manifestation. Lotus to school all this matters little, for we feel the sun, get in touch with the solar deity inside of each and with the sun of our system of planets, whoever he is is what counts. Posted about Amaterasu, because when I had contact with this manifestation of the Logos of the Sun, I felt his light, his deep love and learned from her (Amaterasu) on self-love, shine on for being who you are, out on the very cave of sorrows and let our light shine over the world. I'm not talking about vanity, far from it. I'm talking about love, kindness, and self-recognition. When we allow ourselves to be happy regardless of what we have, just loving what we then illuminate the world.

PRACTICE OF AMATERASU - Relax deeply after practice their saddhana (preferably on a sunny Sunday, but can be done at any time). Place your hands on your heart. Mentally slow name AMATERASU. Gradually feel a presence bright and sweet. Bring this sense of the outside of your chest. Then ask her to take care of your whole body. When you feel full sun this, ask her to awaken your personal sun, your inner light, removing the cave itself. Feel this sun, this feels light emanating from you to any place you are. Ask a few words to Amaterasu, which define the wonderful being that you are. Let them sprout in the intuitive mind. Accept these words. Ask her to remove all the misconceptions that has poisoned so that you do not love yourself. Leave from water as it evaporates under the sun. Allow yourself to shine, to feel happy.

Practice for 21 or 108 days, or take your practice to achieve this naturally let your inner sun shine.

Complete sending light to this beautiful Goddess and gratitude.

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