SACRED LOTUS - Healing techniques

SACRED LOTUS - healing techniques

 The Sacred Lotus came to the ociendente in 2001 with the appearance of Bodhisattva Kwan Yin when I was just a Reiki Master and novice follower of Buddhism Vajra school Nygma. Unaware of the Goddess and also called Master Kwan Yin who was then studying in the course Magnified Healing tm. with Maria Susana Dieter. This appearance Wesak Day, she taught me that I plant light chooses his workers according to their wisdom and not on merit, so the choice is the criterion that the chosen will do with receiving. And everything is proposed for person they already know they will do so, sooner or later. It was not easy for the average person with little knowledge of Buddhism accept that a being of light could simply appear. But so it was.

At this meeting she taught me the first level of a healing technique that came not replace or be an alternative to any other, but complements, fulfills its function with all quisserem and prepare those who walk the path to enlightenment and even after, the path long learning and training those already lit.

Their healing techniques (remembering that has tencies meditative rituals and evolutionary) - aimed at healing of karma, suffering, delusion, fear of relationship problems, and depertar the exercise of love, purification, health and compassion.

There are 4 levels of healing:

A) The Lotus -

History of Lotus
The 3 symbols from Tier 1 - The Lotus lilac, the threefold flame and Divine
Healing practices of karma, forgiveness, cleanliness, compassion, love, health, law of attraction, healing of relationships between people, healing of other beings, detachment, transmutation, distance healing, anchoring the lotus, healing environments, consistent with Kwan Yin Healing emergency, tuning to divinity.
Imantando crystals Buddha Maitreya.
B) The Roses -

The Lotus and Our Lady Mother Divine
Roses curing etheric
Treatment chakras
Removing heavy energy
Cleaning the heart of their weights and wounds
The mantle of Mary
C) The 33 Faces of Kannon -

Who is Kannon
The 33 Chinese mantras
Healing, body, spirit and soul
Initiation of the 33 events and their symbols
The 9 Faces of Buddha
Kwan Yin and Children

D) Lotus 4 - initiation of guardians -

Nio Guardians
Guardians of Buddha
Guardians of Avalokitesvara
The legions OITE
The four heavenly kings
The celestial dragons and animals

E) Professorship - Sensei

At this level you learn to initiate others and pass the lessons of previous levels, the teachings of the Lotus as a whole can only be made by authorized by Master students after years of study and practice.

The Crystal Lotus
The 33 Lotus Light
The Master banção
The magnetization of crystals and water
Starting others
The suitcase and the 108 mantras
Opening the Lotus Kwan Yin
The teachings of yoga practices of extras on Kwan Yin, angels, Buddhas and Masters will be taught in groups of Lotus.

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