The Essence of the Lotus way

To explain the essence of the path of the Lotus hand cast the words of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha who taught the world to your dharma: Buddhism.

                             "Though my teaching is not a dogma or a doctrine, it is certain that some understand it that way. Must fully clarify that teaching a method to experience reality, not reality itself, like a finger pointing at the moon is not the moon. An intelligent person will follow the direction pointed by the finger to see the moon but who look only to confuse the finger and the moon will never see the real moon. I teach a method to be implemented, not something that one should believe or worship. My teaching should be compared to a ferry used to cross a river. Only a fool will remain clinging to the raft after having reached the other shore, the shore of liberation. "(Suttapitaka, Majjhima-Nikaya, Sutta Dighanakha)
                So Lotus is a path. I ask the ones that never become fanatical followers or say to anyone that this is the only true path or as many do, even at the cost of lives and blood. Many are the paths to the Light Source. This is just one of them. The path of compassion.
                The Lotus is to develop a pipeline, a thought, a compassionate heart naturally. I've also seen people with low self-esteem think that there is such a sublime state and should love whoever owns it, this is not true. As in science or in a gym, the practices naturally lead to the goal. With patience and focus it gets anywhere. Even one who is behind the mountains, having to go through rivers, contrary to a family cumin, and a noisy environment without creating love, even taking more time arrives where will that touched her soul asked.
                Once the Master Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche said that to get to a certain point of meditation would need 10,000,000 mantras. Many have complained grimace and others effectively. They did not realize that a practice for lighting should be part of your routine, like anything that Objetive. You do not count the hours it would take the school to the doctorate and say that to a child, is not it? For she would be terrified. In the case of this beloved mantras Lama, he just meant that many would. There is no way to specify that a specific number you get there, because each person reacts in a way. The Lord Buddha Siddhartha tried many practices to create your own. Some people get into shape in a month of gym in six others. You know yourself, you know what has or has difficulty ease. Think. Everything is a matter of do and do without thinking about the do, but focusing on the goal. Thinking is good, mainly before choosing your path, as it should be something that brings you pleasure and joy.
                Buddha sought to end suffering, he observed how his people suffered, Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the famous Bach flower remedies, sought a remedy that does not generate more pain and acted on people's emotional, because at the time there were no remedies this Nature. Besides seeking something that would act more subtly than homeopathy, not less effective, of course. Jesus tried to teach a God-fearing people and subjugated by Rome, that God is love and that also is in everything and within each of us. And many others in their places and their proper seasons taught how to get the light according to the need they perceived. The Lotus came at this time because humanity is very lacking in love, all the time confuse love with need. Arrive in writing children's books that obsession is a kind of love, and children learn it all wrong. We also think that if we do not receive love from our parents we are unable to love, which is also an illusion, it is easy to blame the parents, even if that change is simple, we refuse. Also limit love, only love for determining that if a beautiful woman with an older man and successful. Being love something that comes from within the heart and not a desire, how to love lake and set pre programmed so that only love is real. Love is everything. It is an energy that must be practiced and manifested when souls have affinities. We can love a child, and whether or not life is saying yes. If we learn to love, to feel, then we have for all and all a compassionate feeling and the soul that has affinity we have something even more beautiful. The teachings of the Lotus as the other Masters are timeless, but born by a temporal necessity.
                The Lotus is the practice of compassion, love natural to grow endless and increasingly live in peace and serenity: happy!

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