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Pure Land, where there is no suffering, where the essences are one, where the Divine Being is the sun shines and Lotus sovereign, will you, my guide Lotus. You already made the journey, but there is still a lot to go through, this endless road where the lotus blossom came. Come, my beloved guide, guide me come and pour his blessings on me.
(Repeat 7x)

Invocation of the Guardians

Nio Guardians
They are strong warriors, brave and protective shields, have lived in battles, or simply in the doors of a house or temple. Some are angels, others are human, and others come from all corners of heaven and earth. Save all guardians, and we revere them protection. Dearly beloved guardian, keep us, all beings and things linked to us, safe and always during practice. With his power, begin our transformation and redeem what we have lost.
Take a deep breath and admire the guards coming and working on you for awhile.


At this point, I refer to Willow Kwan Yin to purify my being. I pray for you, Boddisatva Vajrasatava. I call the Master Saint Germain, El Morya, Ilarion and Seraphis Bey, the archangels Michael, Uriel, Ezekiel, Gabriel and Raphael, the Elohim Amazon, Astrea, Claire and Crystal, and especially you, beloved Sacred Lotus, Mother Kuan Yin . To all of you, beings of light immaculate, I ask my purification. Removing the seeds and larvae that I still gero, muddy and impure. Release me from all illusions and all that gave rise to them. Burn my karma of many lives and me clearing, making it pure, dignified and resplendent, that my I AM can live in it and I release any of illusion and suffering. Protect me also so I do not mess with me anymore. Lord Shiva, grant me the perfect yoga.

NA-MO YANG LIU KUAN YIN. 108X - This is the Willow Kwan Yin who remove the ilusion and ilnes 


I dedicate this to my practice I AM, my beloved divine being, so as to strengthen and rule my life. I dedicate to my parents, my ancestors, family and children, embodied or not, friends and people related to me. I dedicate my Masters, guides and protectors. I dedicate to all sentient beings, that every form of suffering ceases to exist and all illusion is over. In that light, truth, love, wisdom and happiness reign in all the universe. I dedicate all Dhevas and nature. I dedicate the Kuan Yin, for I am with it consciously.

Invocation of Kuan Yin

Your mind is a busy lake that must be calmed. Breathe deeply, until you see and feel this crystalline lake and stopped. From the depths of the lake, comes the most beautiful of flowers: the White Lotus. Her perfume is sweet and beautiful, its petals still closed are perfect, and its leaves, huge. His light is so intense that it took us to get used to it. Breathe in and let this light flood the soul. Mentally, we call the sun, that brings us light, wisdom, love and evolution. This arises even at night, like a golden disc and live energy. The sun bathes the Lotus and you with your radiant heat and light. The Lotus is the yin: beautiful, delicate, smooth and receptive, the sun is yang, active, strong and shiny. They complement each other, they are both one and two at the same time.

As the sun bathes the Lotus, it opens, and appears inside the mother, the daughter, who is consort, who is yin and yang, everything and nothing, with all its splendor. And she do my prayer:


 (Invocation and taking refuge Kuan Yin)

I love you and sending you my light, O divine Great Mother Kuan Yin. I beg you, at this moment, elevate my body, soul, spirit and essence until Buddhahood, to the heart of compassionate love. Deliver me from every kind of illusion. Give me the gifts and Christic Buddha, for me to be a point of light where I live. Pour out your blessings on me. I offer my being, that irradies thy power over all beings and the places that you need. Give me permanent happiness and enlightenment, so that through me, many others come to this Pure Land. Teach me to love, love to see and be alive. You who are perfect, elevates me to radiant state of perfection. May the light that radiates from you makes me a divine being in the service of compassion. That wealth, health, wisdom, peace, serenity, glory and longevity are natural and part of me. I understand the unity of all things and beings, I become timeless. Do I wake up with my I AM, and that he only govern my life and my body. Let me be one with you and my Master. Save me so I BE, alone. That light, peace, harmony, health and love reign on Earth. Teach me to create the Pure Land here and make me go to her when out of this existence. Cherished Mother, is always on me.

OM MANI PADME HUNG (108x or more)

By the power of this loving prayer, that I may attain the ultimate light that's inside of me and buddhahood. I love you, Great Mother, and you bow three times on his knees with my forehead on the ground, in recognition of your superior light. That this moment all my blocks internal and external, that all obstacles to my meditation practice, to my way compassionate, everyday of my life, my body, mind, emotions, feelings, speech, vision and reception of light are removed. That all fears, lack of faith, disease, ignorance, laziness and discouragement disappear from my life. That all evils, human or otherwise, embodied or not, and of any kind are banned permanently from my life, and my family, friends and country. Protect me of all evil, and even myself, if necessary. Give me the blessing to be reborn in the Pure Land or the Land where, in addition to practice and evolve further, I can love without suffering and assist all those in need. That all conditions are favorable, paths, wide open. All my vehicles are being cured to perfection. I have full awareness of who I was, who I am and who I will be. That my yoga is conscious, clear and lucid until the deepest stages. Let my body be protected even when I sleep. Purify my dreams so you can always be aware and you, Great Mother, learning, evolving, and serving practicing. That everything about me is geared toward the Lotus and light. What finde karma. Protect me that I can no longer generate it. Obscured beings of any kind, enemies, evil beings and harmful energies, beyond the illusion and all forms of suffering can be pacified and transmuted into divine light, truth and love, and the blessings of Kuan Yin can be revealed .

OM AH HUNG (21x)

You, who are born of the Lotus and you hear the cries of the world. You who swore save all until nothing exists in illusion. You, who are the raindrop and the smile of a child. Thou, Mother, in your many faces, and even angry, come to my rescue. In you I take refuge, because I trust in thee: and in thee I have my faith. Grant me your blessings, power and lights, keep me in your divine protection. Let all those connected to me by the web of existence can be released for you and join you. Enlighten me, makes me able to help everyone with love and joy, give me your power to all compassionate release. Keep me selfless, simple, humble and loving, even when fortune that is inherent perfection flood my life. Healing frees and blesses all beings of the Earth and the cosmos. What evoluamos by wisdom and love, not pain. Releases and healing our traumas and endemic ills of this and other stocks, and also those who came by birth. That has to be my genetic lineage of your holy Mother Shows to human intelligent life on other beings, brings them closer to nature, so they can love it and live with it in a constructive and harmonious. Teach me to create and to be perfectly perfect. That Lotus is very well accepted by all beings of the Earth, and practiced with due diligence, faith, wisdom and love.

OM MANI PADME HUNG (108x or more)

PRACTICAL CHOICE (here i recommend do the 33 faces mantras or Maitreya mantras)

Do you choose to practice here for your benefit and development practices such as: Prosperity, forgiveness, purification, opening of love, meditate heart sutra, the 33 mantras of Kwan Yin, the practice of Amaterasu, the wisdom and other . Only one.
The universe is composed of a subtle fluid that permeates all things manifest. So instead of giving and receiving love or any blessing, observe yourself immersed, totally diluted them. Allow yourself to be permeated by the light fluid. Start by love, then wisdom, and then divine will. Notice the feeling of being inside this fluid, to be part of it, its texture and its colors. Watch him be the absolute pure light. Be the absolute. See, until there is only dilute the fluid. After awhile, you reappear, returns to form within it, but it is the perfect fusion between you, your Master and divinity: his I AM.

The Fusion
(For started)


 Kuan Yin

Feel Chenrezig or Kuan Yin (Kannon, Avalokiteshvara) as part of you, blowing up increasingly in you, until you are be one of perfection, love and light. Feel the bliss and kundalini energy lit up over his head. Be light with her. Be everything and nothing. Let yourself go at all. Arises as Kuan Yin or Kannon. Feel, see, perceive, speak like divine being. Observe how this is. And every day, feed it with more attention, dressing, eating, talking and feeling like this is everything in your life.

AH AH AH (3x)

Rest your mind at peace sublime.


That fluids sacred realms of light, and my own self be received by you, Great Mother My offerings are simple, but the matter and represent the 4 elements, but my most precious: love. I offer to thee, Mother Divine, and the beings that act in the Lotus, as well as my guides and protectors, the sum of these energies.
Rice symbolizes the earth and its fruits, water, universal fluid where everything exists, the incense, the air that nourishes all things, and flowers, fire, life and energy that is. Love is life itself, ether is quintessential that I offer to thee, Mother Divine. I also offer my body and mind as a point of light, that irradies thy power over all those who need you. I am honored to serve the light.

My guide Lotus, transforms these substances and leads them to Kuan Yin.

Prayer by the Master and the Lotus

This is important because to be a guide is not easy, is a lot of work and your prayers give us the power to continue the way.

Dear and beloved Kuan Yin and his group divine illuminates the Mistress Seed Lotus ( Ya Soha), the Lotus of the Earth (Andrea), The Happiness of Lotus (Paolo), and all our teachers and classmates walk so quickly reach the awakened state of perfection. Give them perfect health. Protect them from all evil of body, soul, and spirit of goods, the evils of matter and astral. Do not let evil people and beings to approach them and their families. Grant that the lotus flower in the whole planet. That those who chose this dharma are always blessed, prosperous, enlightened and happy, and that love is the light that lit lives in their hearts. That is where a practitioner of Lotus and you're pure love of the divine, and this may be perceived by everyone, even by those who do not follow this path. That this perception is loving, welcoming and peaceful, and never a poison heart, the emotions, the body or mind may arise in his presence, even if only your name is mentioned, or his being is remembered. Practitioners of Lotus, which is given only connection with love, wisdom, confidence, moral, light and peace. Lotus that thrive around the world.


Gratitude is a blessing. When we are grateful for something, we feel happy, and we connect to what's most enlightened and the divinity in ourselves. One is grateful he loves.
I am grateful to be able to do this practice. Thank you, Divine Mother, for loving me so much and existires. Thank you for having a body and, through him, to act in this world. I thank my parents, children, family and ancestors. Thanks to them, I'm here. Thanks to my divine essence, for helping me to evolve, to be me. Thanks to all the things of heaven and earth. They are everything, and all I get is what I have. For all my guides and teachers. By Lotus. By love and compassion. Thanks for being, having and living. Thank you, thank you a thousand times. By simply could thank, I'm already blessed.

Thanks (108x)


Archangel - is the name given to the being of light who ranks second in his class celestial religious hierarchy. Archangels are in various religious traditions, and also in esoteric and occult studies. In Lotus are seen as the Great White Brotherhood, each belonging to a solar radius. Miguel belongs to Blue Ray, and represents the strength, faith and divine will; protects, strengthens and purifies. Gabriel belongs to the white ray, and represents the rise and clarity; saves, clears and handles communication. Rafael belongs to the green ray, and represents justice, truth and healing; brings deep cleaning of energies. Uriel belongs to Ruby Ray Golden, and represents serenity, divine service and mercy brings purification of the soul and is extremely fast to meet anyone who calls you. Ezekiel belongs to the violet ray, and its main attribute is the transmutation of energy-dense subtle.

Avalokitesvara -  is the Boddisatva compassion. Born Eyes of Buddha Amitabha. Undertook to save all beings from suffering sansárico wheel (cycle of reincarnation where there is suffering). According to legend, saved the more Avalokitesvara, most sufferers beings arose. Frustrated, he went to Mount Sumeru (divine lot of Buddhism) and rested, retiring. Knowing this, Amitabha came to her head, breaking her vow of helping the suffering beings. Avalokitesvara felt an immense pain. Arose this partition and the other heads Taras that would assist in their mission.

Boddisatvas are beings of higher wisdom, not human beings. They are natural forces, beings of perfection.

Buddha is the awakened state of enlightened, to be full of light, but also the title given to individuals who have attained this high level of spirituality, which may or may not have incarnated here on this plane. Siddharta Gautama was the so-called historical Buddha, it was the reign of the chaste Sakias, a prince.

Chenrezig is the same Avalokitesvara, Kuan Yin and also in its manifestation male.

Elohim is literally the creators of humanity. In translations tamper turned one, but, at root, are many. Act directly in the fluid and the 4 elements. So they create. Amazon, Astrea, and Crystal Claire, together or apart, create purity, perfection. Nothing exists without them.
Great Universal White Brotherhood is a brotherhood of light beings that work on the project planet Earth for the good of all.

Kali is one of the manifestations of the Great Mother angry and Shiva Himself. She removes the fear and destroys everything, so that new order is established. One of the most important deities of the Hindu pantheon, she is far from evil, and has in it's own force of nature. It is often in our anger, in our shadow, which is our strength transformation.

Kannon, or Kanzeon Bosatsu, is the name of Kuan Yin in Japão.Apresenta itself in many ways, including male.

Karma karma or is not a myth, nor be confused with the law of action and reaction. Karma is learning, and not all karma involves suffering. Karma is a link that connects people along the reincarnations. Negative karma (not bad, because we learn and evolve with it) would be one of two people killed in a duel with reincarnating father and son, for example, to learn to be positive amar.Karma two spiritual guides, who lived in the same monastery and attained enlightenment, meet friends in the West as a new life and then initiate studies and a nice walk back to the spiritual light.

 Kuan Yin is a Buddhist and Taoist deity that symbolizes both the feminine face of the divine as the mother of the universe, where all things are. For the esoteric, is the Master Kuan Yin, belonging to the 7th ray of the sun, violet flame, "Lady who hears the cries of the world." It has many manifestations and is revered as much for us here in the West, is Maria.

Lama means teacher in Tibetan. It is enabled by his master to teach because it reached high level in practice.

Mala is a necklace with 21 or 108 beads used to know how many mantras were chanted. Each mantra has become a sphere. Similar to the western rosary.

Ascended Masters are people like us who, after developing a high degree of knowledge, love and light, were living in the subtle planes and assisting those who still suffer.

Shiva is the father of yoga. His cult began around 4000 BC For some, a Deva (God), for others, a yogi immortal. The supreme god (Mahadeva), the meditator (Shankara) and benevolent, where all the joy (or Shambo Shambhu). It is part of the Hindu trinity, along with Brahma the creator and Vishnu, the perseverador. He brings deconstruction, the end of something so it can be rebuilt. So the three Devas act together. When we meditate with him, realize that your energy goes well beyond what you can provide us with a definition.

Sadana, in Sanskrit, means accomplishment, something that takes place or does. The conquest of the path of dharma, is siddhi, that means getting the lighting and psychic faculties. In the West, it is the practice itself.

Vajrasatva is the Buddha or boddisatva purification. Tibetan Tantric deity. He and his consort yoga guru, together in a position of "love", beings purify their inner darkness and impurities. The term impurity here is literal, because the "dirt" are perceived as dark substances that fall outside of the body.

Tara. According to legend, born from the tears of Avalokitesvara. It has 108 events, the main green and red, each to assist in the rescue of the beings of karmic wheel, or Sansara. The Red is the savior fast. They are manifestations of the deity of compassion, so also is the Great Mother, Drolma in Tibet.

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