In many doctrines and studies can study about the illusion. But it always seems that something is on the belief that or other people, because what is real is considered for an illusion to another. The illusion, or rather blockade, is nothing more than everything we create. Everything, good and bad. When we want something we create an illusion, an image that may even have feelings about this thing. This differs from a project only item in control. For we have the erroneous habit of wanting to control what we create or we want and this is unreal, ie more an illusion. When you want something, even be enlightened, it creates expectations and conditions for this to happen, "should so happen, or come by such a doctrine." The energy of light or divinica (Buddhic or Christ) is alive and will follow the course that allow their nature based on what you design it, no matter what conditions you have set, because it can not follow how you want it. You tell yourself you want a good, soon comes the thoughts of how well this will come to you .... this is control. If you only plan to have it, even if it's buying, and perform all part of your project without worrying if it will get there or not, just having the absolute certainty that what is already yours, then your divine presence vai attract this well, and you just need to be grateful, even if it comes from a very different way than you imagined. Most of us, the group meditates, asks to be enlightened but not inconceivable that this could happen. Establishes that happen only occur if this or that phenomenon, or follow this or that practice. In fact, focus on light, ask them to evolve to achieve the enlightened state of being full and let him be his own take to it. No matter how long it takes, what counts is that you have inside information that this is the goal. In this case, two forms can come in addition to many others, but two main ones, you reach this state for the first time in ages or discover Lifelong already is a being of pure light and just needed to wake up. To have an indication that a particular expectation or thought is illusion, ask yourself a thousand times: for what? Fear, guilt, anger, hurt .... for what? Obvious answer: nothing.
The Passion is considered a great illusion that makes you happy for a while. I wonder, is it not the passion a way to see only the divine being of the other, when we are intoxicated with their beauty? Then comes the illusion that it is the fear of loss and need for control. If we fall in love with something and leave something free and we take this to understand the divine nature that we are all one being manifested to experience, then we know that we are not separate from anyone, that we are united s everything and everyone. The only thing missing is the ability to enable feel it. Then in his morning meditation piece that can live without illusions and who knows, feel alive and being a part of divinity.

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